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Personalized Beer Mug

Fred Faulkner, 99-year old Battle of the Buldge Veteran, getting ready to hear
his work performed by the Florida Orchestra at Julian B. Lane River Front Park.
They played his original work Ardennes March.  It was wonderful.

Kids Fishing
March 2, 2024

Veterans Day
November 11, 2023
WWII Vet Fred Faulkner and VFW 10167 Commander Bob George

Connecting with a "3-War" Marine Veteran at the On Top of the World
St. Patrick's Day Parade.  O'Neill was in WWII, Korea & Viet Nam.
March 4, 2023

Scouts of America, Troop 834
Expanding our Purple Heart Project

NPR Christmas Parade

We won 1st Place in the Poppy competition!   Our awesome Boy Scout Troop 834 turned an idea into reality.  My Service Dog's Place is what we had the spaghetti fundraiser dinner for, so why not use about 3000 poppies to build the logo for it?!   Pictured is Kelly Kowal, a gold-star mom who created My Warrior's Place.

We put up a much more deserving sign!
September 30, 2022

First Friday Guys!
Terry (Chaplain), Harry (Adjutant) and Bob (Jr. Vice)

Smoke Free Dining
In the Back Hall

Canteen Hours
12:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Closing Time
May Be Adjusted
Based on Demand