3-124th IO BN Vermont National Guard 
VFW Posts mission is to partner with unit commanders and senior enlisted personnel to develop supportive relationships with units before, during and after deployments. 



VFW Post 10167 members and auxiliary support those still serving through this program. We are currently supporting the brave members and familys of the 3-124th IO BN Vermont National Guard. Over the last several years we have made donations to support the unit functions including a family Summer BBQ and Christmas Party, as well as financial support for currently deployed unit members in need. 

We believe that providing support and assistance to our military members and their families is a key factor in unit and individual morale which directly affects the successful completion of their mission and deployment. Our goal is to lessen the burden that they carrying for all of us. The sacrifices each military member and their families go through to protect our country do not go un-noticed, and this is our small part in saying thank you from a grateful nation.

 If you would like to donate or see what you can do to show your appreciation, pleas contact our Adopt-a-Unit representative Bill Puopolo