Our continued promise to provide a helping hand to serve veterans, their families, and our community is, and always will be, our guiding spirit. In that spirit, we have continuously partnered with other community advocates through blood drives, access to dental care, transportation, benefit assistance, health visits, and many times providing something as simple as a hot meal.
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    ON May 28th Sara Eckel of Holiday called YOUR Service Officer and identified herself as a local civilian with no ties to the military or VFW. She further described her plight: her insurance company was denying an order via her Doctor for a wheelchair. She further explained that the decision was being appealed but until then she was having a difficult time getting around. She asked for a wheelchair and nothing more. Your service officer immediately verified that VFW Post 10167 had a wheelchair we could provide and arranged to turn the wheelchair over to Sara. Sara and her bf showed up to pick up the wheelchair. To say the least, both were so very pleased!
    YOUR VFW Post through YOUR Service Officers helping neighbors.
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  • Emergency Hygene Kit - Our Veteran Service Officers are in need of help rebuilding their supply of these kits.